Is solar only for doomsday preppers?


Most people Are more concerned with Paying their bills

Surprisingly most people who go solar aren't worried about prepping for a disaster they do it to help their finances. With solar many people eliminate or drastically reduce their electric bill with the ability to use those savings to help cover other essential bills. Not only can solar help on the monthly bills but it will raise one's home value as well.

Tax Credits Make going solar financially wise

Normally solar doesn't make sense when calculating the initial payment, however, the federal government is currently qualifying tens of thousands of people to receive tax credits to help cover a large portion of these expenses.

Solar Companies cover up front costs of install

Along with the government help many solar companies are taking the burden of paying the upfront costs so those homeowners who make more than $40,000 a year can go solar with no upfront costs.

It's times like now the prepared are able to take advantage of available programs provided by the government and increase their financial portfolio for the future.

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